Alexander Pacheco


the Artist

Alexander Pacheco was born in Miami where he currently lives and works. He was raised in a creative environment inspired by his family and Grandfather who was a musician and artist. This inspiration helped him to pursue an education at The International Fine Arts College which also continued at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. His career as a designer lead him to New York City. There he created artistic connectionsand gained much of his knowledge of the art world.

Alex developed a fascination for the arts through his studies of classic masters fused with pop culture and life experiences that is portrayed in his work. These influences lead him to create imagery that is quiet and dynamic with a touch of melancholy and soft surrealism. Alex's work takes you through a dream like journey while tapping into ones inner feelings and emotions. Each image is linked to the previous in some way but carries a story of its own.

"I try and focus on one feeling throughout the duration of a project, sometimes not knowing the outcome as I try to capture it in a single image. Every object in my work has its own personal meaning. Ultimately, my goal is to present a starting point that invites the viewer to create their own conclusions or their own escape from reality."

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