While I listen to many types of music as I work there’s always one song I’ll play over and over again to evoke shape, colors and feelings into that piece. Ultimately, my goal is to present a starting point that invites the viewer to create their own conclusions or their own escape from reality.
— Alex Pacheco


“Synesthesia” - 32 x 56 | Mixed Media

Chromesthesia or sound-to-color synesthesia is a type of synesthesia in which heard sounds automatically and involuntarily evoke an experience of color.

“Heavy” - 26 x 34 | Mixed Media

Life's issues weigh heavy over us all. It looms over us with a force that can sometimes become to heard to bear. We don't need to look far for the cure to release us from the weight. If we simply look inside ourselves we'll find a much stonger force that will always overcome it. The answer has been within us all along. All we have to do is learn how to release it with creativity, love and laughter.

“Analog vs Digital” - 48 x 96 | Mixed Media

Uploaded by None on 2018-09-26.

“X + Y” - 24 x 48 | Mixed Media

Sometimes we have to make difficult decisions in our lives that we know will have a lasting effect overall. It's these decisions that case us great confusion and angst. Which way to go? Do you follow what you feel inside or do you go the logical route? These decisions will always fight each other. Which one wins is up to us.

“Seed” - 24 x 36 | Mixed Media

The seed of creativity will grow though the chaos and clutter of you mind and wisper in you ear the inspiration you need to bring your ideas forward. But only if you let it.

“Wavvves” - 24 x 48 | Mixed Media

We live in a time now where often the close connections we have with each other are though social media. Whether its with family, freinds or even a date. We send waves of thoughts and feelings to one another that often lead to more disconnect. Like the person your trying to reach is in a distant land behind all the noise of distraction. For me I created this in a time in my life when I was trying to find the right woman for myself. I'd try to connect but they always seemed so far away even though they might have been just around the corner. Maybe I should have stopped painting and gone outside.

“Sin” - 24 x 36 | Mixed Media

Often our thoughts of daily issues blind us to the beauty of our own reality that surrounds us. Clearing our vision of color we all once saw when we were younger.

Alex Pacheco’s “SOUND AND COLOR” art exhibit - hosted by Miami Midtown Magazine

The purpose of the Sound and Color exhibition is to immerse the viewer into the mind of the Artist. Each piece was accompanied with a set of headphones that played the music that inspired the artist to create that particular piece.

Commisioned Work

If you would like to contact Alex for commisioned work please feel free to share your idea.