Alexander Pacheco


Life's issues weigh heavy over us all. It looms over us with a force that can sometimes become to heard to bear. We don't need to look far for the cure to release us from the weight. If we simply look inside ourselves we'll find a much stonger force that will always overcome it. The answer has been within us all along.  All we have to do is learn how to release it with creativity, love and laughter.

Oil on Wood - Sealed with epoxy and mounted on plexiglass

Heavy - Construction

Heavy - Construction

HEAVY was a learning process that for me turned out much better than expected. For the base I used a 1/2inch piece of wood that I sanded, treated, sealed and let dry. My personal preference is to excessivly sand the surface so that the paint runs much smoother on the wood and is easier to blend. 

I then searched for an image of a woman that wears an expression of how I felt I would like to handle life issues. With a calm and gentle look on her face. I created a rough image on the computer as a reference for my layout and size. My original idea was to create lines that represented rain falling on her head but I found it a little boring and felt angular shapes would give it more depth. I also was going to have a glowing object of hope coming out of her but it just didn't have the passion that I wanted it to represent so I went with the flowers that contoured her body structure instead. 

It's difficult to see in the images but all of the shapes are in four different layers to give it depth and shadow over the previous shapes. I would pour a layer of epoxy then heat it to remove any small air bubbles that might get trapped when pouring it. After it drys for a day I would then outline the shapes that I wanted on that layer and paint the shapes with acrylic. Acrylic seemed to adhere to the epoxy much better than enything else I tried. Eight layers of epoxy in total. 

Once completed I sanded off the excess resin and mounted it to the plexiglass. I added 1 inch thick frame to the back of the plexiglass so that when hanging on the wall it has a sense of hovering off the wall itself.